Business Consulting Reviews:

”Our business consultant, Jennifer, is a true example of what 'support' really looks like. It sounds like a simple word in a simple statement, but truly, her impact has been monumental for me. I am so thankful for her.”

Kerry Tate - Fincon 

“I would recommend Jennifer as a business coach to anyone looking to grow, develop, expand, or simply be better in business and in life. Jennifer has helped me discover who I was, both personally and professionally. When my business went through seismic change this last year, she was always right there with advice, counsel and neutral input to help me and my business partner find our way through. I knew she was a winner when I found myself sharing things she said with my own employees and using her methods to help coach my business associates through their own changes. Jennifer is truly a force for change in my business and my life.”

Lacy Starling – Legion Logistics LLC

“Jennifer Martin has x-ray vision! And, in spite of that, she handled the soul of my business with a unique dexterity. Not only seeing thru my distracted exterior into the "super" spirit-vision within, but deftly guiding and building it from the center. In the course of only a few lengthy, laser-focused consultations and some serious homework on my part, I was left with a fresh air of clarity I haven't had since the beginning of my 11 years of building this family-based business empire. I have a renewed sense of the excitement I felt 11 years ago, but affixed to that enthusiasm is an intensely practical understanding of why we do what we do and how it will engage our tribe for years to come.”

Tom Chaffer – Atomsound 

“Jennifer you have been such a huge blessing, I have learned so much from you that is not specific to growing a business rather specific to growing as a person. I really appreciate your help and am thankful that you were my coach. I finally feel like something is really going to come of all this. It is so exciting! “

Sharon Muse – Law Office of Sharon Muse/Author 

“Business consulting with Jennifer Martin has helped me enormously. She has especially supported me as I clarified my vision for my business as a wellness practitioner. I felt like I was stagnating and I wanted some fresh ideas. She was the perfect person to guide me to implementing new strategies and getting me excited again about what I do. I feel like I'm constantly growing as an entrepreneur as a result of the tools I learned from my work with Jennifer. I highly recommend her to guide anyone to the next level regardless of where you are now.”

Hector Perez, MAOM - True Wellness Life 

“I have had worked with many consultants over my 20-year career and had lost faith in the industry until I met Jennifer Martin. She is absolutely the most uniquely gifted Business Consultant I have met. Her gift of practicality with vision has changed the way I approach marketing my business. I know if I need direction with growing my business I can get my money’s worth with a phone call.”

Lisa Ann McCall - Physical Therapist/Movement Specialist - Author of the McCall Body Balance Method 

“Jennifer, Thank you for the time and the attention you have dedicated to helping me and my business grow and improve over the past several months. Your professional counsel has already dramatically altered the way I view and conduct my business, and I’m sure your advice will continue to positively influence my future business decisions. Thank you for caring about my success and for partnering with me as my business coach to help me move my business to the next level. I believe that you are one of the angels that God has sent into my life at this important time and I pray his greatest blessings upon you in your life.”

Robert I. Sandberg, CFP, MS - Freedom Point Financial 

“Loved your enthusiasm, professionalism and most important the way you helped me to connect to my soul as an entrepreneur. Many thanks.”

Ian Read - Total Bathroom Restoration 

“In 1 year I went from owning a FAILING supermarket to owning a GROWING supermarket. With Jennifer's help we've experienced an 11% upward trend in sales, which is huge in our tough industry.”

Nick Tureau - Tureau’s Grocery & Lake Market 

“We have utilized many coaches and business building trainings in the past. Unfortunately, none were able to coach both of our individual personalities to effectively push us both out of our comfort zone. Jennifer has the unique ability to understand where her clients are in business and life. She forms a plan of action that resonates with each client pushing them to be and do what they did not know possible.

As husband/wife co-owners, Jennifer was able to help us get past barriers we could not break through on our own. With Jennifer’s ability to challenge yet support, we reached our original 10-year goals in just over 18 months. Anyone in business who has the desire to succeed would be lucky to have Jennifer as his or her coach.”

Scott Schuler D.C., F.A.S.A. & Brenda Schuler - BMS Health Concepts 

“Within the first month I was convinced that Jennifer is a brilliant business coach—both challenging and supportive and able to maintain a progressive balance between two business partners with strong opinions. The E-Myth model is clear, brilliant and effective. I've been through many kinds of professional improvement classes, but never anything that was so practical, useful and transformative. We were able to break through some deep barriers and find common ground along with personally satisfying ground. Now we're better positioned to move forward together. Jennifer has created the comfortable yet challenging environment that encouraged that to happen. “

Lorna & Henry Domke, MD - Henry Domke Fine Art  

”I began one on one coaching with Jennifer Martin a little over 6 months ago, and they have been the most productive and innovative 6 months I have ever had! Her ability to find creative, yet down-to-earth solutions has supported myself and my leadership team with key Club decisions. In addition to this, my entire team truly enjoyed the half-day retreat Jennifer helped to create and facilitate - each and everyone of them felt connected and engaged! Thank you!”

Jenelle Ebisu – General Manager - The University of Washington Club

“I would never have had the support I needed to focus on my latest product launch without my secret weapon and business coach, Jennifer Martin. She helped me set up systems for myself and my employees so that the business held strong even while I was fully absorbed in the launch. If anyone reading this owns a business and is experiencing any kind of burn-out, please call Jennifer.”

Liat Gat - Founder / Owner of 

“I enthusiastically recommend Jennifer Martin. Jennifer is a terrific business consultant and coach. One of her greatest talents is her intelligent and active listening. Through this, she deciphers your key challenges and helps you identify solutions. Her services are a tremendously valuable resource.”

Connie Sands – Money Advocate for Career Women 

“Jennifer has a natural talent for 'making suggestions' that are spot on. She is a business coach by profession because it would seem that is what she is by nature. Her insights are further backed by years of experience, and an open interest in her clients to succeed, no matter where they are in their business development efforts. I would recommend Jennifer to anyone looking for an injection of positive attitude and immediate, actionable ideas!”

Soo Somerset - Somerset Consulting 

“I found that Jennifer was warm and creative. She focuses on creating plans and helping guide development for the individual. I really felt like she took into consideration the uniqueness of my business.”

Abby Volk - Abby Volk Psychotherapy 

“Jennifer helped me think through some tough questions for my business and kept me on track, which is no small task. I continue to seek her guidance whenever I have the need.”

Joe Franzen – Network Engineer / Server Admin / VMware at Robert Half Technology 

“I have worked with Jennifer only very briefly, but it became apparent to me remarkably quickly that she is highly competent at comprehending and analyzing the businesses of others in a very short space of time. Jennifer draws on her own considerable business management experience and exercises substantial insight and intelligence to distill complex scenarios and quickly get to the core of a given issue. I recommend Jennifer without hesitation - she is a practiced professional and I found her assessment and advice to be quite invaluable.”

Alan Lansdowne – Rounin Media 

“I started working with Jennifer over a year ago in an effort to grow my alternative health care practice. From the first time I met her, I was struck by her warmth of character yet absolute confidence in what she does and how she handles herself. As I continued to work with her over time, I was repeatedly in awe at how many great and innovative ideas she had for me to grow my business and gain self-confidence as a new business owner. I always walked away from our meetings feeling excited about what I do! I would recommend her to anyone looking to expand their business and grow not only in the entrepreneurial world, but also as a person. She has helped my business to grow and change in a healthy, organic way. Jennifer is a truly genuine person with a great deal of integrity!”

Patty McDuffey, LAc, MAcOM, Dipl.OM - Mt. Bachelor Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic 

"Jennifer Martin is one of the most inspirational women I have met in a long time. She is kind hearted, with a sharp mind. I would feel comfortable recommending her to anyone who is looking for someone who can really make a big difference in their business success.”

Kaira Sherman - www.DivineGuidance

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