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Seth Godin
One of the brilliant minds of this century. Seth continually gives us magnificent books and phenomenal blog posts. Check out Seth's Blog. Newsletter
A compendium of value for business owners, business leaders, and just about anyone who is interested in learning what the brightest minds have to say about business matters.
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Start with Why - by Simon Sinek
Simon is the person who reminded us all about the power of “why.” This is a must read for every business owner and most human beings. We recommend this book for all of our business consulting clients. Learn More about Start with Why.

Seth Godin – Author of many excellent books
See Seth's Books

Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, And Purpose
by Tony Hsieh
Tony’s story about is a great one. Watch the video to learn more about creating an amazing team culture and making millions while providing an exceptional level of customer service. Learn More about Delivering Happiness.

The Pumpkin Plan - by Mike Michalowicz
This should be the next book any business owner reads.  It’s funny, entertaining, and right on the mark to help anyone grow their business like a big fat prize-winning pumpkin.
Learn More About The Pumpkin Plan.

Getting Things Done - by David Allen
Still one of the best books out there to help anyone clean up their lives, get organized and find time to focus on what really matters. View Getting Things Done on Amazon.

The E-Myth Revisited – by Michael Gerber
View The E-Myth Revisited on Amazon

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Survey Monkey
Free web-based surveys. Visit Survey Monkey's Site.

Want to get 8 people to decide on when to plan a meeting? Use Doodle for FREE! Visit Doodle.

Google Voice
One phone number that will direct calls to any other number. Choose a new free phone number or use one you already have. Awesome service. Still free. Learn about Google Voice.

2GB of cloud based storage you can access from your computer, iPad or smart phone. Send large files and share them with friends and associates. Visit the Dropbox Site.

Find WiFi Access on the Road Search for a Wifi Location Near You

Almost FREE Business Resources

Web Hosting
LunarPages offers webhosting and email hosting (both in one plan). Very reliable, AND if you have any difficulty, they have a phone number so you can talk to tech support ON THE PHONE! Most other services for the same price don't offer that level of service. For most small businesses, the BASIC HOSTING plan is all that is needed to host your website and email. You can host multiple domains from the same account for no extra charge. WordPress sites work well on their serivce. Unlimited traffic/email box sizes. No setup fees. We recommend the 24 month plan for $6.95 per month. It's what we use for our own hosting here at Zest. Visit LunarPage's Site.

Back Up Your Google Apps Data
Don't risk a data loss! Spanning Backups automatically backs up your gmail, calendar, goodle drive, google docs, all the important stuff you keep on google's services. Protect your data from hackers and accidental loss! It's a great deal at $40 per year (imagine what a single data loss would cost you in lost time), but we'll help you Save $5/year PER USER for the lifetime of your Spanning Backup subscription. Or just use Spanning Backup discount code: 7HW8VY when you check out. Visit Spanning Backup

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