Our Expertise:
Business Development

Creating Sustainable Business Growth
Our business development specialty is helping you grow your business in a unique way that supports you as the leader of your business in creating the most enjoyable life possible. We believe business is about the money AND SO MUCH MORE. We help you see your business with new eyes and tap your unrealized potential.

How We Do It
Our San Francisco based Business Development experts utilize a dynamic set of tools that are customized for your particular needs and goals. We take our work seriously, but we have fun while we’re doing it. In addition to strategizing for possibilities and offering insights for next steps, we spend time with our clients celebrating their successes and laughing a lot - because we too are committed to participating in a business where we have fun every day.

We Regularly Help our Business Development Clients:

  • Kiss that feeling of overwhelm goodbye.
  • Discover tricks for growing their business quickly.
  • Turn their employees into a passionate, committed “Team.”
  • Understand who their customers are and how they can connect with more of them.
  • Improve results when working with a business partner or family member.
  • Find more time for things they enjoy.
  • Discover fun and interesting ways to use grassroots marketing.
  • Create step-by-step plans to create lasting solutions to address current challenges and frustrations.
  • Rediscover their passion, excitement, and creativity so they feel excited about going to work again.
  • Discover tools to help keep their anger or frustration in check.
  • Discover how to quickly expand their business using some “woo woo” techniques that work!
  • Find time to focus on higher level work.
  • Get more referral business.
  • Figure out what they need to do so that they can take a vacation, knowing that everything back at the office will be fine.
  • Systematize work processes for greater efficiency and ease of training.
  • Set up a step-by-step plan for sales or marketing.
  • Establish hiring procedures.
  • Create more meaningful, profitable relationships with existing customers.
  • Develop leadership and communication skills.
  • Empower their managers and their staff.
  • Build a fun, enjoyable, team-oriented business culture.
  • Create work-life balance.

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Worldwide Consulting

Our clients connect with us from all over the world using the latest in virtual technology. In-person business coaching and business consulting sessions are available from our San Francisco based team. Call today to learn more about how we can add ZEST to your business. 415.375.0506

Principal Business Consultant

Jennifer Martin is a Business Consultant & E-Myth Certified Business Coach based in San Francisco. An expert in sales and marketing with 25+ years experience, she is ready to help you take your business to the next level.

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