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Interviews with our lead business consultant and business coach, Jennifer Martin.

Selling in a Skirt with Judy Hoberman
Listen to the Interview with Jennifer

Take Action Get Profits with Michele Scism
Listen to the Interview with Jennifer

Renegade Success Coach Podcast
Listen to the Interview with Jennifer

Noomii Interview

The Biz Buzz
Interview with Christina Hamlett

Entrepreneur Insider Series:
Profile of Jennifer Martin of Zest Business Consulting
Jennifer talks about her business, background, and professional success.


Articles where our lead business consultant and business coach, Jennifer Martin is quoted or featured.

4 Ways to Keep Seasonal Employees Engaged
How to get the most from your seasonal Staff
NBC News

6 Questions to Ask Before Opening A Second Location
Before sinking your savings into expanding your business, consider these questions.

The Art & Science of Choosing a New Location
3 Business owners speak with 3 business experts about opening new locations.
Inc. Magazine

Building Your Inner Sanctum: Tips for Keeping Your Home-Based Office Free From Domestic Distraction
Discover helpful tips for maintaining a productive home office.
Bank of America

How to Assert Your Independence During a Digital Detox
Easy tips to help you unplug from technology.
Fast Company

6 Ways to Anticipate, Deliver and Measure Customer Satisfaction
How to keep your customers happy and coming back for more.

Business Owners Secrets to Actually Getting Rest on Your Vacation
Do's and Don'ts to help you enjoy your next vacation away from work.
American Express

19 Simple Marketing Tips that Won't Break Your Budget
Affordable marketing tips for small businesses.
Quality Logo Products

Exiting Gracefully
Help for builders considering leaving or selling their business.

30 Money Saving Tips for Your Business
Tips to help you spend less and keep more of the money you earn.

Six Ways to Stretch Your Small Business Budget
Great ideas for helping make your business dollars go further

6 Things You Could Be Doing Right Now Instead of Payroll
When payroll is done, here are ideas for what else your HR Department can do
HR Solutions

Best Ways to Bring New Employees on Board
On-board your new hires in the most productive way.
Bank of America

5 Ways to Free up Cashflow in Your Retail Business
Discover tips to find cash within your business.

10 Flexible Side Gigs to Bring in Extra Income
Discover how to make extra money from home.
Yahoo Finance

5 Guaranteed Ways to Tick Off Your Customers
Things you should definitely avoid doing in your business.
National Federation of Independent Business -

How to Get More Out of Staff Meetings
How to keep a meeting moving with fewer annoyances and more productivity.

5 Musts for a Family Run Business
How to address the challenges of a family run operation. Article is on Page 4.
Smart & Final Business Advantage Magazine

3 Ways to Minimize Holiday Returns
What you need to know to reduce returns during the holidays and all year long.

12 Tips to Boost Post Holiday Sales
Think the new year will be slow? Ideas for how to jump start your sales in Q1. (Or any slow season.)

5 Things to Look for in a Business Bank Account
Extras to look for if you're on the hunt for a new business account.
Business News Daily

Google Voice: Is it Right for Your Business?
Making the critical decision about whether this free service from google is right for you.

Obnoxious Hotel Fees You Don't Have to Pay
How to avoid fees for services you don't need during your hotel stays - keep your travel expenses, especially for business, lower!

Customer Rage Is On the Rise - Here's How to Combat It
Advise on dealing with this critical customer service issue.

No, Thank You: When to Turn Down Business
When serving everyone isn't in your business' best interest.
The Network Journal

May I Suggest...Successful Upselling Requires Enthusiasm & Sincerity
Best ways to walk the fine line between customer service and sleazy sales.
Pizza Today

The Power of Pause: Why You Need a Break from Work
How to avoid burnout so you stay motivated, focused, and productive at work.
The Network Journal

What to Look for in a Bank Account for Your Small Business
Free features you'll appreciate in your banking relationship.
Business News Daily

Take it Easy! Work Smarter, Not Harder
Finally make a dent in your workload by using these specific strategies.
The Network Journal

101 Reasons Being an Entrepreneur is Awesome
Why being an entrepreneur rocks. Of course we think so! Check out contribution #52
Business News Daily

Tips for Getting More Organized in Business
Need to be more productive and streamlined? Start here. Check out contribution #26 - Business Unplugged

How to Respond When a Customer is Making a Scene
What to do and not to do.
National Federation of Independent Business -

7 Strategies for Seeking New Clients
How to stir up business during the slow season.
Thomas Reuters Tax & Accounting Software - Solutions Magazine

Smart Succession Planning
What to do if a leader in your organization unexpectedly dies.
Stiches Magazine

How to Handle Price Hikes from your Vendors
Don't just sit back and take it! What to do when this happens in your business.
National Federation of Independent Business -

Also by Jennifer Martin

How Your Vision Can Help Get You The Results You Want
How to stay focused even while working from home.

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Jennifer Martin is a Business Consultant & E-Myth Certified Business Coach based in San Francisco. An expert in sales and marketing with 25+ years experience, she is ready to help you take your business to the next level.

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