Are you looking for a few interesting ways to make money from home?  Do you want to supplement your income from your day job or your Social Security? Does the idea of earning a little extra cash for your next vacation make you all warm and fuzzy inside?

If you are ready to turn your time, and things you already may have into money, follow these tips to start the cash flowing.

1. Referral marketing and affiliate marketing

Businesses are always looking for new customers and some are happy to pay you for them. In my own business as a Business Consultant I offer my “Strategic Partners” a $100-$500 “Thank You” for sending me clients who sign up for my 6 month or year-long contracts.

Many businesses will pay you for referring them new clients who make purchases from them. Offering you a unique URL (which includes your personal code) when a new customers uses that link to make a purchase – YOU MAKE MONEY from your home!

Here’s how it works for me:

Lunar Pages (a really great web-hosting company) offers a chance to invite others to join their tribe of happy customers. When people use the following link and sign up for Lunar Pages services our family receives a small check to say Thank you”.

Visit LunarPages

All kinds of companies from Amazon to Starbucks to Weight Watchers are looking for affiliates to help them reach out to new paying customers.

You learn more about these opportunities through their websites or connect with affiliate consolidators through companies like Share a Sale or Rakuten Linkshare 

2. Take part in paid surveys and focus groups

Companies are willing to pay you for your insight as a consumer and sometimes they’ll even arrange to come to your home! A few months ago I got paid $250 for 3 people to come to my house for an hour to talk about snack foods and taste some cookies. I will be doing the same again next week for some kind of financially related product.

Not bad for making money from 6:00-8:00 pm in my own home when the only thing I’d normally be doing is eating dinner.

Craigslist  is a great place to check out companies looking for focus groups. Look in the jobs category and do a search for “market research” “paid study” or “surveys”, or search the community, gigs, or events listing. Also check out Find Focus Group in major cities to see what opportunities are available.

3. Rent out your car

You probably didn’t know that you had a goldmine right there in your garage.  Even if you are still driving your old college beater there may be someone who is looking to borrow it, for a fee. If you are open to renting your car by the hour, the day, the week or the month try:



4. Make money from that spare room in your home

If you have extra space in your home and you’d be open to hosting guests the number one place on the internet to find travelers looking for short term rentals is:


It’s kind of like a dating site where you can virtually meet the Host and the traveler. Read testimonials about one another and learn a lot about a home and the neighborhood before you get to your destination. Many times the rates you pay are far less than a what you’d get at a hotel and the accommodations tend to be much better (think Wi-Fi, full kitchens, free parking, and really friendly hosts). It’s the ultimate way to literally make money from home!

5. Lend out your tools and other random things

Someone somewhere had the clever idea that there was enough stuff out there already for all of us and decided that rather than going to buy another (fill in the blank) that they would create a company so that someone who already had (fill in the blank) could rent you theirs. Brilliant!


6. It’s the (fill in your name) taxi service

Want to earn money for driving people around? According to their website, Lyft drivers are making up to $35 per hour and setting their own hours.

Here’s a link to sign up drivers. Currently Lyft operates in about 20 major cities throughout the US


7. Help other people get things done

Join Taskrabbit  

They boast you can “make money while helping out your neighbors”

8. Become an online juror

Trial attorneys are frequently looking for people to weigh in on real cases that may not have gone to court yet. They rely upon online jurors to help them determine what an average group of people might think about the merits of the case or how they might respond to their tactics or concepts. There are several companies out there that offer compensation for your review or consideration of their “case”. On average if you meet their criteria to qualify, most people earn between $10-$60 for their time.

Visit Online Verdict

Of course these are just some of the various options out there and what is available to you might differ from state to state and city to city.  Is there another great idea to make money from home that we missed?  Please share it with us!

Jennifer Martin is  Zest Business Consulting’s founder and lead San Francisco Business Coach and Small Business Consultant. She helps small business owners, leaders, and managers worldwide understand how to build thriving companies they love.

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